About us + customer testimonies

The reason for developing our product was an accident resulting in a paraplegia. From this day on a „vehicle“ for moving around was indispensably. As a mecatronics engineer, mechanical engineer and motorcyclist we have high demands. There existed no product on the market yet which was fully usable and suitable for everyday use without any restrictions.

This sparked our motivation to develop a completely new and revolutionary concept.

- outstanding driving characteristics
- lightweight + portable
- durable + solide
- spare parts are replaceable easy + inexpensively

Below this post you will find customer testimonies. Click the to get more details.

ONLY the original Vosara front wheel offers this benefit and quality at a fair price with top service. Patent applied for.


Claudia K.

A big piece of vitality! ... Watch VIDEO


Johann F.

Especially here on vacation in Tenerife, I would not like to do it without the Vosara.


Birgit B.

The Vosara was just awesome on vacation in Malta.


Mathias E.

I can absolutely recommend the bike! Check out my BLOG


Daniela L.

It worked very well! We were on gravel forest roads which went up and down.


Andreas R.

I recently went on holiday in Holland for a week, and there, on a hilly path through the dunes, I reached completely new speed dimensions!


Susanne W.

A photo of me and my new companion, with him the wheelchair drives more comfortably now.


Guido W.

It's great that you do not always have to drive with one hand and brake with the other. That's a lot less effort.

Elke F.

Simply well thought out... Watch VIDEO here


Klaus K.

I gained a new quality of life. Thanks for that.


Monika M.

Photo: At sailing for people with disabilities plus supporter. A word about vosara: WOW - gigantic. I had tears in my eyes when I ...


Artur L.

I am completely satisfied!

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