Our patented steering system is the only system that enables stable wheelchair travel!

Can also be operated with just one hand. Counter-steering, braking and constant checking of the route are no longer necessary.

The handlebar does not have to be touched constantly, but only for steering movements, so that the hands can also be used for other purposes while driving. The one-hand handlebar is also used for safe braking and support when driving downhill.
Here to your Vosara 

At Vosara, directional stability means:
Driving on inclined surfaces with stable tracking is possible because the bike and the handlebars can be easily set against each other, thus preventing drifting. Besides that, of course, it also rolls a lot easier ;-)

Experiences and reviews of the stable wheelchair steering system (Vosara®APS system) can be found HERE in the online shop + HERE in the section "About us + Experience reports"

Wheelchair finally track stable on sidewalks and all other walking and hiking trails thanks to Vosara APS
And what you can do with it you can see in our other videos:

A small preview of what is possible thanks to the steering system on the attachment wheel.
Have a look at us on Youtube, we look forward to your comments and suggestions! Vosara - Youtube Channel

The driving characteristics and the highlight : Directional stability NOT only means straight ahead, but e.g. also in a circle. (See sec. 40 in the video above!) The wheel remains controllable. Only this function enables stable driving even on sloping surfaces. The wheel can easily be "countered" and so also compensates for the "drifting". Patented in the Vosara® APS-System

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